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Ford "No-touch"

Ford dealerships take the COVID-19 epidemic very seriously.

To ensure the safety of our customers and employees:

  • We avoid handshaking
  • We provide hand disinfection to our customers
  • Each day we regularly disinfect all contact surfaces (eg work desks, furniture, toilets) and ventilate our closed spaces
  • Our employees work in disposable protective gloves
  • We disinfect the critical parts of the vehicles after service
  • We set mandatory rules to our colleagues regarding regular hand washing

For all of our safety, we kindly ask our customers

  • to keep min. 1–2 meters distance
  • use a credit card or mobile phone when making a payment
  • follow the hygiene rules recommended by the authorities.

We encourage our customers to use the following secure services and digital solutions, instead of faceto-face meetings.

NO TOUCH PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE – You don't have to leave your home

  • In case of urgent or immediate service issues, our colleagues will pick up your vehicle at a pre-agreed location and time
  • after its repair or maintenance, they will disinfect your car and deliver it to your home.