Complete disinfection of your car

For us, the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees comes first. We are sure that each and every one of you is doing everything possible to eliminate the bacteria both at home and in your car.

In this regard, we suggest you to take advantage of а complete disinfection of the interior and the air conditioning of your car only for BGN 120 with VAT and included free vehicle condition check according to EVHC. The service can also be combined with a change of the car's pollen filter, thus giving the customer a 15% discount from the initial price.*

We assure you once again that, as a company Jaguar Land Rover continues to apply enhanced anti-epidemic measures in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. All of our dealerships are treated several times a day with disinfectants, and our visitors have the maximum social distance needed. Automobiles in showrooms, demonstration vehicles, those delivered to customers, as well as cars that are received and delivered for service are completely disinfected.

Take advantage of our car disinfection services! Give peace of mind to you and your loved ones and eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses in the car and climate system of your Jaguar and Land Rover!

[1] The replacement and filter costs will be charged separately according to current prices.

[2] The campaign period is while stocks last.

[3] Moto-Pfohe reserves the right to terminate and modify the terms of the campaign.

[4] The campaign cannot be combined with other discounts.


Jaguar interior desinfection


LR interior desinfection