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  1. Mr. Brainwash and Volvo C40 - a modern urban story

    The art of the world street artist and director arrives for the first time in Eastern Europe side by side with the new C40.
    On the occasion of the opening of Mr. Brainwash exhibition in Sofia, the Volvo C40 has been transformed in an avant-garde way, inspired by his creativity.

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  2. Ford’s Bests in Europe and USA in 2021

    • USA’s bests: Ford Best-Selling Automaker in Q4; Becomes No. 2 for Electric Vehicle Sales for 2021; F-Series Best-Selling Truck for 45thYear In Row and Best-Selling Vehicle for 40th straight year; SUV Share Expands
    • Europe’s bests: Passenger vehicles – Ford electrified passenger vehicle mix at 54% thanks to Mustang Mach-E launch, strong Kuga PHEV performance and our EcoBoost Hybrid engines; Commercial vehicles – two No. 1-s as commercial vehicle brand across Europe alongside with several best-selling models.

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  3. Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid Drivers Skip the Fuel Stops to Slash Their CO2 Emissions in Europe’s Best-Selling PHEV

    • Kuga Plug-In Hybrid drivers potentially each saved over 1,100 kg of CO2 last year compared with an equivalent petrol powertrain, based on WLTP emissions figures

    • Analysis of anonymised data shows customers charged their Kugas on 71 per cent of driving days but also made full use of hybrid flexibility for summer road trips

    • Kuga was Europe’s best-selling plug-in hybrid (PHEV) in 2021, and delivers better electric energy consumption, combined CO2 and cost of ownership than key rivals

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