Season 2015 Results

Winning projects 2015

„Dolphins and people – co-existence in the sea” of the Balkani Wildlife Society is the big winner in the 18th edition of Moto-Pfohe Conservation and Environmental Grants Programm 2015. Dolphins are the closest to people sea inhabitants. They are extraordinary friendly, very socially disposed and not solely instinct driven. They associate together, have fun together, even communicate with people and can understand us. Meeting a dolphin always brings joy. Nevertheless, they are among protected species. Whaling is a crime since the middle of the 20th century but in the last 10 years dolphins are endangered again. They often hang around fishing nets, bore them and steal from the draught which infringes fisherman’s interests and causes damages and losses. The conflict can be settled by using acoustic repellent devices called ‘pingers’ which repulse dolphins and prevent their attacks. This innovative method is in the center of Balkani Wildlife Society project that is being accomplished in cooperation with the fishing society in order to prevent further damages on dolphins.

The first of the two encouragement awarded projects is the field of culture but has also a big educational and social potential. It addresses people with special needs. The project “Exhibition in volume – Perception by touch. Black Sea inhabitants” by NGO One Nature in partnership with Regional Historical Museum Burgas is aimed at the development and implementation of an interactive exhibition for blind people, showing the most interesting and memorable sea residents. This group of people is completely ignored in the work of museums, the creation of exhibitions and events. Even the buildings and permanent exhibitions are unsuitable for a visit by people with similar disabilities. A traveling exhibition of this kind will allow people (blind and sighted) across Bulgaria to see trough touch some of the Black Sea inhabitants and learn interesting facts about their biology.
Part of the exhibition will be 3D models in real size of 15 fish species emblematic for Bulgarian waters, as well as a 3D model in natural size of the smallest dolphin species in the Black sea but also Black Sea Shells of molluscs – clams, snails, sea acorn, dried seahorses, sea needles, crabs, feathers of waterfowl, replica of a nest with bird eggs etc. Audio system that plays back sound characteristic of the species and brief information about them in braille texts will be available too. The project was started in May 2015 and the exhibition will be ready in six months from now.

The second encouragement award is for preservation and popularization of disappearing crafts and the establishment of a live open-air museum. This is the goal of the project “Revival of old crafts in the town of Sopot and establishment of handicraft center”. The author is the Museum house ‘Ivan Vazov’ in Sopot. So far, within the project have been established the unique live demonstration “The art of wool” and the handicraft school for kids, called “Maistorcheta” (little masters). The price of the Grants program will support the next steps in the development of the new ethnographical handicraft center in the town of Sopot, namely the building of a pottery and a smithy. Additionally, the planned online demonstrations will attract new tourist visits in the future live open-air museum in the town of Sopot.

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