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Moto-Pfohe’s biggest capitals are our people. Since the very beginning the company pursues some important principles:

We recruit highly motivated and enthusiastic young people, specialists with knowledge, proven professionals in different area, who are keen to join our team.

We invest in our employees and provide relevant opportunities for development.

We supply training programs that build on the necessary professional and managerial skills.

We appraise our personnel performance and motivate the individual contribution.

We provide our personnel a well-structured company social policy.


Moto-Pfohe has a well-established recruitment and selection system, which guaranteeс an objective professional assessment of applications.

We use different recruitment channels – press media, Internet, own web site – depending on the job type. Our leading market position generates broad interest in working for the Company.

All submitted personal data and application documents are treated in strict confidentiality. Applicants’ advantages are assessed on behalf of their education, additional qualification, language and computer knowledge and skills, professional background and experience. We are open to hiring young people with no experience, willing to start their professional path with us. The personal qualities are an extremely important part of the applicants’ profile too. We target at motivated and ambitious people, willing to develop professional skills and hands-on knowledge, flexible and creative, committed and responsible, result-oriented high achievers.

According to the approved standards and work practices in the Company, only short-listed candidates are invited for an interview. The selection process includes at least two stages of interviewing before a final decision is taken and a job offer is extended to the candidate.


Moto-Pfohe has a well-structured training system in three major fields:

Corporative training. It includes trainings about the Company that are related to the traditions and company culture of Moto-Pfohe.

Specialized professional trainings. They refer to the acquisition of new or the development of current knowledge and skills of employees, so that the latter can increase their efficiency and improve on their performance..

Management trainings. They are related to the knowledge and skills of managing activities, resources and people.

The excellent training structure, the active search and gain of the best external training providers, as well as the internal system of trainers, guarantee successful improvement of qualification and skills of the personnel.