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National winners 1996-2016


  • Nature Reserve for the Protection of Birds Poda, 1996, "Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds"
  • Brown bear conservation program in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula, 1997, Association "Natural Fund"
  • Music Center Boris Hristov, 1998, Arch. Maria Ivanova
  • Development and implementation of management and restoration plan of the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve, 1999, Central Laboratory of General Ecology - BAS
  • Thracian Cult Center Starosel, 2000, Thracian expedition "TEMP 2000"
  • Conservation of the Imperial Eagle in Sakar Mountain, 2001, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, Haskovo
  • Ecopath to Goritsa waterfall and Sokolov view, 2003, Executive Environment Agency
  • Open stage Kaleto, 2004, Svishtov municipality
  • Study of the Thracian royal residence of the Odrys VI-V c. Hm., 2005, Team of the National Museum of History
  • Unknown frescoes from the narthex of the church "St. Uspenie Bogorodichno - Arbanasi, 2006, "Center for Restoration of Artistic Values" Ltd.
  • Restoration of murals in the church "St. Assumption of Virgin Mary, Troyan Monastery, 2006, "Polychromia - Petrovi" SD
  • Archaeological excavations near the village of Dabene, Karlovo, 2008, National Museum of History, Sofia
  • Thracian royal residence of the Odyssees of Mount Kozi Gramadi, 2010, National Museum of History, Sofia
  • Salvation of Pelican, 2011, Persina Nature Park
  • Studies of the First Agricultural Civilization in Europe, 2012, The Regional History Museum of Vratsa
  • The Eagle Fellowship, 2013, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds
  • To save the cromel in Staro Zhelezare, 2014, by civic foundation of the same name
  • "Dolphins and Humans - Coexistence in the Sea", 2015, Wildlife Association Balkans
  • "A Greater Chance for the Falco naumanni in Bulgaria", 2016, Association "Green Balkans - Stara Zagora"

Some inormation about selected winning projects in the years HERE