About Pfohe Agency


Pfohe Agency Ltd. is an insurance broker, part of Moto-Pfohe Group. The company has an extensive experience in providing service for the insurance interests of corporate and individual clients.

In Pfohe Agency, as well as in the whole Moto-Pfohe Group family, the endeavor is to satisfy the client's desire to the maximum. This includes the ability to "foresee" what our customer may ask for or choose. Moto-Pfohe Group's portfolio offers vehicles from all market segments, which includes light trucks and mini-buses as well. This means that we work with clients from all social groups - with different professional interests and purchasing opportunities. That is why we offer our customers optimal products for their every need, by emphasizing the benefits and qualities of each individual insurance package.

Experience, commercial flair and excellent knowledge of the matter are combined with polite explanation and correct service. We also have a certain advantage in this regard, because when we get to know our customers, they are usually already impressed by the good professional skills and attitude of our colleagues in Moto-Pfohe sales department. Pfohe Agency specialists are pleased and honored to develop the positive image of a perfectly offered overall product - the purchase of the roght car, with guaranteed safety during its exploitation.

The client’s inquiries and our ability to have direct contact with consumers, determined our additional interest in providing products related not only to the automotive industry, but also to the protection of the life and health of our customers, as well as the protection of their property. Increased confidence in our work has led to further commitment and additional extension of our product range.


We work with some of the largest and most preferred insurance companies in Bulgaria. We aim to provide our customers with a vast choice and reliability; therefore, our partners are proven Bulgarian and international companies.

Allianz Bulgaria JSC - https://www.allianz.bg/

Generali Insurance JSC ​​- https://www.generali.bg/

ZAD Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group JSC - https://www.bulstrad.bg/

DZI – General Insurance - https://www.dzi.bg/

ZAD Armeec JSC - https://armeec.bg/