Season 2016 Results


The Grants in 2016:

  • This year the jury reviewed projects authored by 23 nominees out of all in total 41 applicants and selected 4 winners



The winning projects 2016:

  • National winner of the Grants program 2016 is the project "A chance for the falcon Falco naumanni in Bulgaria" by the Association "Green Balkans - Stara Zagora".

Each extinct species resonates as a terrible scream of our planet and seriously threatens the biological balance, which further endangers the sustainable development. Protection and assistance to populations of rare and endangered species, or the restoration of already extinct species in the places of which they are already missing is an important conservation approach. This is the purpose of the winning project in this years’ Grants program. To restore permanently extinct population of this small falcon in the region of Saccar mountain in Bulgaria. 20 birds already returned to nest in 2016, which is a big success and hope for a new chance to the falcon “Falco naumanni” in Bulgaria.

  • The first of the two encouragement awarded projects is in the field of culture but has also a big educational and social potential. The project "Method TÁRA-TÁNTSI."

This is a graphical representation of Bulgarian folklore dance “horo” in the form of schemes of the dance steps by using different colors and shapes. The purpose is in preserving our folklore creativity. So far 12 schemes have been created, 14 more are in the process of completing. They include all seven folklore regions in Bulgaria. The method is being tested among various age groups: children, parents, corporative working group as team buildings. The project is very inclusive and incorporates a modular program of events, popular literature on the subject, a visual map of Bulgaria with the schemes of  “horo” dances according to their distribution in the regions, installations outdoors in various cities of the country, exhibitions at home and abroad.

  • The second incentive award from Moto-Pfohe Conservation and Environmental Grants in 2016 goes to the project "Monitoring of climate, river network and risk processes in Pirin". Author of the project is Assoc. Prof. Georgi Rachev, head of the team from the Department of Climatology and Geomorphology of Geology and Geography Department of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ".

The issue of climate change and human interference is becoming more and more urgent. High parts of the mountains have cold environment, which is an established indicator of global warming processes. We know how charming, magical and special place is Pirin – the second highest mountain in the country and one of the three national parks in Bulgaria, at the same time – highly urbanized. The project aims to expand and modernize existing equipment and further observe climate, river flow and risk processes in the Pirin Mountain, in order to confirm the data about global warming in our country and in Europe.

  • Special award for extraordinary media involvement in environmental preservation receives BNT 2 for its “Initiative to eliminate illegal dung-hills in Bulgaria”.

This long term project started in 2015 and will last till 2018. For the first time in the donation program we have this encouragement award for national media acting to protect the environment and dealing with a very burning issue of major social importance. Dump sites grow and put nature and us – people - at serious risk. A year ago, reporters from BNT2 launched a campaign in which the public media showed illegal dung hills across the country, scattered in the most unexpected places. Only in Sofia there are more than 100, as for example in "Ovcha Kupel" district the dump spans 11 acres. In Plovdiv there are 26. Many are along the rivers, in the forests and often near residential blocks. The initiative aims to encourage mayors to take action to permanently remove these illegal dung hills. BNT2 regularly informs the Ministry of Environment and Waters for its investigations and  authorized institutions already take measures.

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