The history of the automobile goes alive in Moto-Pfohe new museum exhibition

On February 22nd the owner of the Moto-Pfohe Group, Mr Philip Pfohe, officially opened a new museum exhibition established on the occasion of the 20th company anniversary in 2011. The inauguration has been honored with the presence of many friends and partners, among them museum specialists, popular writers, artists, gallery owners, media representatives.

The new exhibition introduces to the visitors the history of the brands Ford, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover. Moto-Pfohe’s development and the 90 years history of the parent company Hugo-Pfohe, Germany is also revealed. The “story” begins with the significant discoveries of XIX century, influenced the appearance of the car and focuses till nowadays on people and events which are remarkable for the respective decade. Multi-media system illustrates with pictures and video the most important automotive events during XX century.

Handmade models of the Quadricycle and the Ford Model T grab the attention of the visitors but they show highest interest to the two classic cars – Ford Model A, a modification Sport from 1928 and De Lux from 1930, which are restored to factory design with original parts by the Moto-Pfohe service specialists. The exhibits are enriched with one more car – Ford Scorpio from 1988 – the first car sold in Bulgaria by Karl-Heinz Pfohe two years before Moto-Pfohe establishment.

The new exhibition does not claim to show everything about cars but to continue the tradition on the territory of the first corporate dealer and service complex Lulin where is not only a place to buy and service a car from the four prestigious brands but also a place where clients and visitors can receive updated information regarding corporate developments, social programs and events at home and abroad.