The charging infrastructure for Moto-Pfohe electric cars is for everyone

Moto-Pfohe stations are becoming part of the Eldrive network and users will now be able to receive real-time information about their status, exact location and charging price. They are located in the Moto-Pfohe dealerships in Sofia, at 483 Okolovrasten Pat Blvd. (50 kW DC), in Plovdiv, on Golyamokonarsko Shosse Str. (24 kW DC + 22 kW AC), in Varna, opposite Varna Airport ( 24 kW DC + 22 kW AC) and in Burgas, Trakia highway at the 5th kilometer in the direction of Sofia (22 kW AC). Charging in the network is done through a mobile application or RFID card.

All users of electric cars will be able to receive real-time information about the exact location, status and other useful data. At the same time, the customers of Moto-Pfohe get access to the largest network of charging stations for electric cars in our country, that of Eldrive. This is a huge advantage for them, as owners of electric cars Ford, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover will benefit from all services and preferential terms. Charging in the network will be done through a mobile application or RFID card. The next step in the direction of electrification by Moto-Pfohe is the energy of the charging stations to come from renewable sources, and the first actions are already planned. Moto-Pfohe will invest in at least one more point of charging stations in Sofia in 2021/2022.

Eldrive is the largest installer and operator of charging infrastructure in Bulgaria and the region. The network of public stations is the only one with national coverage and a platform allowing real-time information on the status of the respective charging point. The Eldrive network currently includes over 350 charging points and offers a diversified portfolio of standard and fast charging stations.