New Ford Fiesta participates in all most expected musical events of the year

The name of Ford's best selling car - Fiesta - already means itself celebration and good mood. Therefore without surprise Fiesta proudly powers some of the most expected musical events of the year.

On May 14th it welcomed friendly all passionate AC/DC fens in front of the National Stadium in Sofia. At the end of the month Fiesta will participate into the expected Mellow Music Festival on the open stage during the day but also in the evening concerts in IEC's hall 5. At the end of June Fiesta will also support Sonysphere Festival in Sofia, with the passionately expected performances of Metallica and Rammstein.

Music and celebrations... Fiesta forever!

And a specially dedicated to these three top events model - Ford Fiesta Super Star - a limited edition of only 100 units, offered to melomaniacs at a very attractive price. If you are passionate about music yourself, read more about our exclusive Fiesta Super Star in the Hot Offers section of the site.