Sofia, 03 April 2017 – The construction of two new car sales and service centres of Moto-Pfohe started today. The company’s owner Philip Pfohe, Managing Directors Atanas Furnadzhiev and Dimo Nikolov, and the Mayor of Sofia’s Kremikovtsi Region, Ivaylo Panev, personally broke ground on the project. Evgeni Krusev, Deputy Mayor of the Transport and Transport Communications Division of Sofia Municpality, representatives of Sofia Municipality and Kremikovtsi Region administration, journalists, partners and members of the company’s management team attended the event. The new Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover dealerships will be located at a key transport hub, in close proximity to the cloverleaf interchange of Botevgradsko Shose where the Sofia Northern Bypass Highway flows into Sofia Ring Road in the direction of Mladost residential area.

Moto-Pfohe’s newest investment is the next step of a consistent company policy focused on meeting demand and bringing practical benefit to customers. In less than a year Moto-Pfohe will offer a full range of services in the two new dealerships, providing mobility to Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover customers: sale of new and used cars of those brands, quick and quality aftermarket service, spare parts, consumables and accessories, insurance services, evaluation, buyout and subscription, flexible financial packages for any customer challenge.  

“For a long time we have been considering the construction of our dealerships at a third location in Sofia after our car centres in Lyulin and Mladost. Two years ago we bought this plot with a total area of 53 decares. Today, we launch here our latest high-tech and modern project in Bulgaria. The two new dealerships of our portfolio’s premium brands – Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover – will be the most beautiful, functional, modern and luxurious complexes we have ever built. We made a really good decision with this investment by which we shall fully meet and even exceed customer expectations, which, in turn, will secure us a growth in the premium car segment and an increase of customer satisfaction with our work. We do our best for our customers because they deserve it,” said Philip Pfohe, owner of Moto-Pfohe.


The new premium Volvo dealership

The first Volvo car rolled off the assembly line in April 1927. Moto-Pfohe celebrated the 90-year history of success of Volvo with the construction of the first exclusive and modern Volvo complex in Bulgaria. The dealership will have a floor area of 2,800 m2, a 670 m2 showroom and car service and spare parts area covering about 1,000 m2. The project’s adjacent areas include a car park for customers, a used car sales area and a customer service area, including a reception desk, a lounge and a café. Volvo showroom will be built following the latest standards, called Volvo Retail Experience.

The greenfield complex will offer a premium feel thanks to the signature simple Swedish design, evoking cosiness and warmth that can make every customer feel at home. The large-scale investment and the complex completion will strengthen the image of Volvo as a brand, which designs its cars with a human-centric approach. The modern dealership will mirror the future of Volvo – equipped with super powerful charging stations ready for the brand’s fully electric cars. The car centre was designed with a capacity to service an ever-growing number of Volvo customers and will offer the best infrastructure to meet their needs and high requirements. This will likely be the best Volvo complex in Southeast Europe. The centre will open doors in early 2018.  


Jaguar Land Rover exclusive complex

The new home of Jaguar Land Rover in Sofia will have a total floor area of 6,000 m2, a 1,000 m2 showroom and a 1,400 m2 car service and spare parts area. The showroom will meet the manufacturer’s latest standards, the so-called ARCH concept. Jaguar and Land Rover customers will enjoy ultimate luxury. Top quality execution and cutting-edge technology will be evident throughout the complex.

The modern dealership will offer Jaguar and Land Rover customers many new services, including JLR’s special programme for selected used cars, called Approved. It is known that the first fully electric Jaguar will be unveiled in 2018 – a pioneering yet a gigantic step in this so new and exciting territory. The Jaguar and Land Rover dealership is designed to meet the challenges of the automotive industry’s future – electric cars and autonomous driving. The new complex will be one of the most cutting-edge centres in Southeast Europe and will be a benchmark for the beautiful and unique top-class British design and style. The two new premium complexes of Moto-Pfohe – Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover – will be ready to meet their first customers at the beginning of 2018.