Volvo Service 2.0

Volvo Service 2.0

We've upgraded your Volvo software to the latest version. Modern cars are equipped with a large number of computers that control their various systems. And just like all computers, their software needs to be updated from time to time.

Volvo continually develops and improves the software for its vehicles. We just want your Volvo to work in the best way possible. Therefore, free software updates are included in every regular technical maintenance.

Free Software Upgrade* is part of the Volvo Service 2.0. This is a new concept for car service. It also includes a proposal for alternative transport, free external washing of the vehicle, free technical status examination and personal contact with a service agent.

Examples of features or systems that can be optimized by updating the software are:

  • The air conditioning control system – for example, for ideal temperature and air flow control, regardless of outside conditions;
  • Optimization of engine performance – e.g. fuel/air mixture control for efficient combustion;
  • Driver information – setting up tools for safe, secure, and accurate information delivery;
  • The software of the vehicle's central electronic module is also updated, along with that of the passive safety systems.

*Some settings may disappear, for example, those of the clock, navigation, retrieving of the side mirrors and the memory of the electric seats.