Moto-Pfohe Conservation аnd Environmental Grants 2012

Мoto-Pfohe’s commitment to the society’s important causes such as National environment, cultural heritage and people in need is strongly proven by the Grants program held since 1996. We will carry it on because we believe in it.

The National Winner 2012 – Exploring the first agricultural civilization in Europe . The project comes from the Regional Museum of history in the town of Vratsa. It explores the cultural heritage of early agricultural societies of the Neolithic period (end of 7th and the beginning of the 6th millennium BC.) and by archeological excavations presents accumulated scientific knowledge.

Award: BGN 10,000

Protection of endangered species of water birds and natural habitat s in the Pomorian lake, Burgas region. The project is being developed in order to preserve the Pomorian lake as a site of national, European and world natural heritage, providing valuable natural resources for people and important habitats for a number of endangered plant and animal species. Award: BGN 5,000

Diverse Meals, Nutritious Food Club in Elementary School “Georgi Sava Rakovski”, Sofia aims for the pupils to get to know and love Bulgarian traditions, to gain insight into our national, healthy culinary nature. The children take interest in the food they eat, as an integral part of the culture of society. Award: BGN 3,000

“The Valley Of P etroglyphs is the project of Club “Edelweiss”, Sofia. Its goal is in preserving the ancient rock images in two areas with petrogltphs and graffiti – the villages of Tsarevets and Karlukovo. It is possible the oldest rock graffiti have been created in the time of Proto-Bulgarians.

The Award: BGN 2,000