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Since the very beginning MOTO-PFOHE is the official dealer and distributor of Ford in our country. The major automotive manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, supports on the one hand and, on the other, demands the achievement of high company standards. It’s global growth caused MOTO-PFOHE to become in 1994 the exclusive dealer of Jaguar Cars in Bulgaria, in 2000 – of Volvo Cars and in 2004 – of Land Rover too.
Market position

Over 33 000 Ford vehicles have been sold by Moto-Pfohe within 17 years. Ford’s market penetration in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe – 8% to 11%. Moto-Pfohe is a leading fleet supplier with Ford vehicles. 4450 Ford cars have been sold in 2007, i.e. 14% sales growth vs. 2006. Ford takes over 35% of the MV commercial vehicles market. Considering spare parts sales Bulgaria takes continuously the 1st place in Ford European Direct Market of Central and Easter Europe (more than Romania & Ukraine despite of the twice less Bulgarian population).

Over 2200 Volvo vehicles have been sold by Moto-Pfohe in Bulgaria sold since 2001. This way Volvo has 10+% market share among the Premium brands (Mercedes, BMW, Audi). 8 of 10 fastest developed companies in Bulgaria according to Business Week BG are driving Volvo. The Swedish brand has a firm dedication to social campaigns linked to the pedestrian safety also in Bulgaria, thanks to Moto-Pfohe efforts and consistent policy.

takes a leading position in the relatively small luxury segment in Bulgaria. The recent bestseller of the company, the model XF has tripled just within a year the sales of the stylish brand of British origin.

Land Rover:
Since 1st of July 2004 Moto-Pfohe has sold 670 Land Rover vehicles in Bulgaria. The company is fleet supplier with Land Rover to major organizations, such as Border police, Bulgarian Telecom, Utility companies. The most expensive car sold from Moto-Pfohe in its 17 years of history was an armored Range Rover.

Moto-Pfohe Competitive Position
Moto-Pfohe group has a stable and growing market position and ranks among the top car importers/dealers in the Bulgarian car market. The steady development and growth of the business are indicated from the very start of the company. Always in top 4 of the biggest vehicle importers in Bulgaria, Moto-Pfohe has succeeded establishing the Ford brand as one of the most popular brands on the local market with stable market share of over 9% in the last few years.  
With its portfolio of 4 developed brands – Ford, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover – Moto-Pfohe covers all vehicle segments. Key competitive advantages of Moto-Pfohe are the services, in addition to vehicle sales. The own rent a car company offers further opportunities to our business. The unique “Courtesy vehicle” offer for our commercial vehicle range is the first on our market and the only one that is for the whole repair period.


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