Winter tyres – an accessory or a must

The choice of tires is among the most important we do in our driving practice. Just think that all the power and performance of your car are transmitted on the road through the contact surface of 4 tires, each one with the size of a standard postcard. The tire is enormously important for car safety. The unpredictable weather conditions during the cold seasons require flexible tires to ensure safety not only on snow and ice, but also in wet and slushy roads at temperatures below 7°C. Unlike summer tires, in the contemporary production of winter tires a number of ultra modern technologies, special compounds, significantly more natural rubber, silica and special polymers are used. The tire remains this way softer even when it’s cold and therefore gives better grip when starting and stopping. Many different technologies improve the compound and tread pattern design, which in turn provides stability at high speed, lateral grip in turns and shorter stopping distances in all winter conditions. That is why winter tires are simply a must. You do not just buy tires, you guarantee your safety!