"We bring the good #athome"

Moto-Pfohe is involved in the fight against the pandemic, providing cars to those who currently need mobility the most - hospitals and municipalities. A fleet of 16 vehicles supplied by Moto-Pfohe will support the first-line teams in the fight against Covid-19. Eighth vehicles receive some of the busiest and largest hospitals in Bulgaria for use during the state of emergency. Another eight cars are involved in the emergency deliveries that the most affected municipalities make to their residents in need or to the local authorities monitoring the condition of people staying at home.

The representatives of Europe's best-selling light commercial range, Ford Transit, start helping the municipal emergency and prevention activities in major cities in the country, which will support the efforts of the National Operations Headquarters and municipalities, that maximum number of citizens stay at home in order to maintain their health. On April 5, the Sofia municipality received two Ford cars - Connect and Courier - to transport food, medicines and supplies to all those in need in the capital. They are all affected in one form or another by Covid-19 - people under quarantine, those from at-risk groups, the socially disadvantaged, etc. Therefor the cars are marked on both sides with the label "We bring the good #athome". Between April 6 and 8, the municipalities of Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Russe and Stara Zagora, as well as the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate, are receiving Ford cars. Moto-Pfohe Group remains prepared when able to get involved with cars in other places that need them urgently too.

On the International Day of Health and Health Workers, 7 April, the Military Medical Academy, Alexandrovska and Pulmonary Hospitals in Sofia, University Hospital "St. George" in Plovdiv, University Hospital "St. Marina” in Varna and University Hospital Burgas received Volvo cars each for their medical teams on duty. With this gesture, by providing models of the emblematic Swedish brand that for 90 years now is focused on people’s safety, Moto-Pfohe Group expresses appreciation for the work of the medics and their commitment in the fight against the pandemic.

In a dynamic and unpredictable situation in which we have suddenly found ourselves all over the country and around the world, Moto-Pfohe's initiative is in tune with the need for solidarity, mutual assistance and mobility of medics and community services, while the majority of the population maintains a social distance #athome, in the interest of their health and life.