Volvo to unload 100 self-driving cars onto city streets of Gothenburg

The Swedish-based company announced Monday that it has launched a pilot project dubbed "Drive Me -- Self-driving cars for sustainable mobility," which will bring 100 self-driving Volvo cars onto city streets. The project will take place on about 50 kilometers of busy roads in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

"Our aim is for the car to be able to handle all possible traffic scenarios by itself, including leaving the traffic flow and finding a safe 'harbor' if the driver for any reason is unable to regain control," Volvo technical specialist Erik Coelingh said in a statement. "Our approach is based on the principle that autonomously driven cars must be able to move safely in environments with non-autonomous vehicles and unprotected road users."

Volvo's goal for "Drive Me" is to target the "societal benefits" of autonomous driving and to position itself as a leader in this arena. One of its central objectives is to increase road safety -- something the car manufacturer has been working on for a while in a program it calls 2020 Vision.