Very impressive cars and one Zhiguli in Viktor Bozhinov’s new Bulgarian movie

A new Bulgarian cinematographic project is being shot, in which rock music, laughter and celebrities will be the basis of an interesting modern story, which looks back to the past 30 years. "The Naked Truth About Zhiguli" by the director Viktor Bozhinov is about a popular Bulgarian rock band from the 80's, which disintegrates when it is at the peak of its fame. Time changes the tastes of the audience and the band is completely forgotten. Its members are beaten to death, each of them lives a completely different life and sinks into obscurity. One day, an unexpected phone call forces them to turn back and reunite. The front man Fori (Mikhail Bilalov) takes on the difficult task of leading the Zhiguli to success again, but with each passing day the mission began to seem more and more impossible, leading to many comic twists. In the other main roles we will see Filip Avramov (Vaso), Dimitar Rachkov (Kisha), Gerasim Georgiev - Gero (Pooh), Lilia Maravilla (Darin Dardo) and Irini Jambonas (Sonia).

From the title it is clear that cars play a role in the film. Indeed, several impressive new vehicles are presented in different scenes and are skillfully emphasizing the characters and their profiles.

The importer of Ford, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover in Bulgaria, Moto-Pfohe, provided premiere models that participate in the entire shooting process. The debuting all-new Ford Kuga and Raptor will be shown in many moments of the film. The Volvo V60CC crossover, the sporty Jaguar F-Type and the luxury Range Rover Sport also appear in various scenes. Among all of them, the focus is on Kisha's car (Dimitar Rachkov's character). This is the Ford Kuga, which is Ford's latest and most electrified model to date, with a full range of hybrid engines, including a soft, full and plug-in hybrid. Kuga is being launched to the Bulgarian audience in September this year, so its participation in the new Bulgarian movie is part of the strategy to promote Ford's new SUV in Bulgaria.

The filming process of "The Naked Truth about the Zhiguli Group" will continue until the end of August in various locations throughout Bulgaria, but some of the most iconic scenes are filmed in Burgas, as part of a festival held at the sea station. The rock music in the film is specially created for the project and promises to live an independent life, outside the tape.

"I think next year people will need more laughter and smiles. The goal of "The Naked Truth for a Zhiguli Group" is not to give viewers just entertainment. We want, in a good mood, to make people think about what has happened to them in the last 30 years. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to work, even in this complex situation, and the team we have gathered guarantees a high-level film that will not leave you indifferent, "said the film's director Viktor Bozhinov (" Elevation "," Undercover ”,“ Relationships ”,“ Glass House ”,“ More Sofia Citizens ”).


For the authors of the film:

Behind the camera is one of the best cameramen in Bulgaria, Anton Bakarski, known for his work on native titles such as "Elevation", "Undercover", "Relations" and participated in a number of international productions such as "300: Rise of an Empire" and “The Expendables 2”.

The screenwriters are Vanya Nikolova ("Undercover", "Relationships") and Nelly Dimitrova ("Love.Net", "Elevation", "Relationships"), and the producer of the film is Krastyo Lambev together with his team from Concept Studio ("While Aya was sleeping ”,“ Monkey ”,“ Relationships ”, season 3).

For Zhiguli:

For those unfamiliar - this is a brand of Soviet cars licensed by the Italian Fiat. They were produced in the Russian plant "AvtoVAZ" in Togliatti, Samara region, from 1970 to 2012. During socialism, the Zhiguli was the dream car for many in Bulgaria, for which those who wished waited in line for at least 15 years. This is because the choice between the brands of cars produced in the Warsaw Pact countries was small and the amount of this production was limited.