The SERVICE+ Program or Why expensive means sometimes cheaper

The authorized services are considered expensive among car owners and after the warranty is over they switch to small workshops for the maintenance of their vehicles . The fight for the customer and his satisfaction challenges the service stations, certified by the auto manufacturers to attract these clients back and the most important tool in such cases is price.

Not as a campaign but as a long lasting initiative Moto - Pfohe started the SERVICE + program targeting the Ford , Volvo and Land Rover owners of cars before 2005 MY . They are offered price preferences – 20% discount of the labor , oil and the oil filter prices. For example, Ford Service+ offer for motor oil + filter exchange will cost 12 BGN (VAT incl.) per liter + 20% off the labor price.

So far the program has been accepted well by the customers. They also value the indirect benefits out of it, such as free check-up and expert evaluation of the vehicle condition during the first visit. Due to the proven servicing history with the authorized service station the residual value of their vehicle is increasing.

This way the more expensive turns out to be cheaper and affordable. The least one can do is to ask for more information about Moto-Pfohe Service+ Program and decide subsequently, whether to give a try .