The new Land Rover Defender is one of the most anticipated new cars for 2020

The new Land Rover Defender can make everyone else look ordinary. The latest generation of the legendary British all-terrain vehicle has unparalleled off-road capabilities that will live up to everyone's expectations, while also amaze them with its innovative technology. The Land Rover icon is of exceptional design and spacious interior, and its price is quite reasonable compared to other cars in this class. Generally, journalist Steve Fowler of Autoexpress defines it as the winner in the segment that all adventure lovers will fall in love with.

The new Defender returns as one of the most anticipated new cars. The design will capture the attention, especially the details in it that recreate and remind of the iconic original. The front and rare lights are perfected. The car is proportionally designed to meet the highest expectations.

Swing the door open and the interior is also like nothing else. There are exposed screw heads, powder-coated aluminium surfaces, a glorious magnesium bulkhead that’s proudly stamped with the word ‘Defender’ and even strips of body-coloured metal.

The new Defender features the slimmest touchscreen ever built by JLR - Pivi Pro, which features Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) technology and the best connectivity so far.

The iconic off-roader also has Clearsight Ground View technology, which allows a seamless view through the Defender front cover. The system displays many exterior views, including under the car and wheels. So regardless of the direction and the road surface, the sense of safety in the car is unmatched.

The new Defender also comes with 4 customization packs so that the car can respond to every customer's lifestyle. As well as a cornucopia of colours, there can be installed a fridge, an extra seat, or absolutely nothing between the two front seats. It can be added a further two seats in the boot to make this 110 Defender a seven-seater, but not when the front row middle seat is specified, for some reason. The middle row offers bags of space and will slide forward to make the third row passable for taller children, if not adults. There are cup-holders, power outlets and air vents for all, while boot space goes from 231 litres with three rows in place to 916 litres with two rows and a van-rivalling 2,233 litres with all but the front seats stowed in the floor.

The choice of custom models is great and quite enticing. Defender comes with S, SE, HSE, First Edition and X trim levels, plus Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban packs.

The car comes with a wide range of diesel and petrol engines. Diesel engines are two types with 200 and 240 hp respectively. The new Defender also has petrol engines - one with four cylinders and 300 hp, the other with six cylinders, a soft hybrid and 400 hp.

The Defender instantly feels more alert. Its steering is quicker to react and feels more direct. It could even be said that the legendary off-roader has sporty behavior and agility on the road. During turns, the car will remain stable and secure.

Through quicker corners, where many an off-roader will lean amidst squeals of protest from the tyres, the Defender stays resolutely (and eerily) flat. In fact, the accelerator pedal must be pressed really sharply to induce understeer, but even in such a situation, the car's systems signal.

Rest assured that the air suspension, twin-speed transmission, locking centre and active rear locking diffs, all mated to Land Rover’s latest Terrain Response technology, mean the Defender will go more places more of the time than any other 4x4.

You access the off-road controls via the touchscreen, of course, but also by pressing a single button and using one of the air-con controls.

Its cameras will help you line up with your trailer, while the air suspension allows you to lower, then raise the rear end to take the pain out of coupling. Oh, and there’s a towing capability of up to 3,500kg.