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Supporting the national heritage

The National museum of history and Moto-Pfohe participated together in the 9th international exhibition "Cultural tourismus". it was held April 19th - 21st in Veliko Tirnovo. Common stand and presentations with the subjects "The business supports the cultural-historical and national natural heritage", held by Madlen Yaneva, NHM and "15 years we together preserve the values", held by Volen Chinkov, Moto-Pfohe, have been highly appraised. Both institutions received a special price for valuable partnership, presented personally by the mayor of Veliko Tirnovo, Daniel Panov.

The cultural event in Veliko Tirnovo was attended by all municipalities in Bulgaria and several aknowledged institutions and marked the start of Moto-Pfohe Conservation and Environmental Grants that will have its 15th session soon this year.