#steniskanabala for an equal start in life of graduates without parents

#steniskanabala has started its fifth consecutive season. Moto-Pfohe's charity initiative is aimed at Bulgarian orphan graduates to continue their education at a higher education institution. The Bulgarian Red Cross Sofia Committee is the traditional partner who takes care of providing the donations from the campaign to scholarship beneficiaries.

For the 4 years of its existence, from 2014 to 2017 inclusive, #steniskanabala enjoys growing interest and response in society. The cause is constantly gaining popularity and the range has reached a total amount of donations of BGN 305 174, total of 5 445 T-shirts to donors, 100 participating schools from all over the country, 141 scholarships to orphan graduates, who continued their education at Bulgarian universities, as well as additional financial support for excellent scores to beneficiaries of the program from previous years.

On the renewed site any current, former or prospective graduate can donate funds for the education of orphan school leavers and Moto-Pfohe provide the donors with the campaign symbol - a T-shirt, to go to the prom, the farewell party or the anniversary meeting. There is no requirement about the amount of the donation but the T-shirt is provided for donations over BGN 20.

Favorite actors from hit web series will encourage graduates from the Classes of 2018 to go to the prom or farewell party in T-shirts instead of expensive clothes and donate funds for the education of their peers who have lost their parents. The ambassadors of #steniskanabala this year are Mino Karadzhov and Mihaela Velkova from "Not so, brother!", Mihaela Pavlova and Ilian Iliev from "Follow Me". The four are very popular among teenagers and each of them has an influence among young people. The start of #steniskanabala 2018 also coincides with the start of the new season of "Not so, brother!".

"I support #steniskanabala because I believe that education is extremely important and should be accessible to a maximum number of people," says Mino Karadzhov. "Only a year later I will be a graduate and I believe it is a great way to put an end to vanity in favor of a noble cause," believes Mihaela Velkova. "The best thing is that each and everyone can contribute as long as he wants," says Ilian Iliev. "It is great that we can take the relay from the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics ensemble and this year we will contribute to this extremely meaningful campaign," said Mihaela Pavlova.

Since November last year, students who are about to graduate are looking for the start of #steniskanabala new season and there are already orders for T-shirts waiting. 17 schools in Sofia, Bourgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Sandanski, Nova Zagora, Petrich, Peshtera, Krumovgrad, Aytos, Varshets, Kaolinovo and Kostenets are eager to participate in the campaign 2018. Organizers are expecting their number to multiply significantly. This is a good sign meaning that young people recognize and cherish what is important and valuable.

The qualification of the candidates for scholarships from the program #steniskanabala also in 2018 will be taking care of by the Sofia Committee of the Bulgarian Red Cross. The regulation is clear and can be found at

DHL is the official logistics partner of the program for 5th consecutive year, delivering pro bono the T-shirts to the donors of the campaign.

Various socially important causes are part of Moto-Pfohe's consistent social responsibility policy. Its trademark are the Conservation Grants for preservation of Bulgaria's natural and cultural heritage, as well as the initiative for the support of orphaners. In 1996, Moto-Pfohe started supporting the preparation for their prom by organizing an annual charity fashion show with the purpose to buy outfits and accessories for their festive evening. In 2014, Moto-Pfohe changed the form of the cause by focusing on higher education and qualification, instead of one night's shimmer. An inspiring example of this program gave a group of Pirot graduates who in 2013 created the “Five Minutes for You, a Lifetime for them” initiative, charging funds for children in need. A whole class went to the graduation ball with a T-shirt instead of expensive dresses or suits and donated the money saved to disadvantaged children. In 2014 Moto-Pfohe took over the relay and for the fifth year continues the initiative in Bulgaria.

The personal video shots of "Not so, Brother!" And "Follow Me" actors can be downloaded and embedded from the following links:


T-shirts requests and donation information: and on phone 02 9842 387

Regulations and documents for applying for a scholarship under the program: