#steniskanabala challenges Class of 2019 to be the most active and generous of all participants in the program so far

#steniskanabala has been launched for the 6th consecutive year. Moto-Pfohe's charity initiative is in favor of Bulgarian orphan graduates who continue their education at a higher education institution and ensure their equal start in life after graduating from the 12th grade. The Bulgarian Red Cross is the traditional partner who takes care of the donations from the campaign to reach the right candidates and to provide them with development in the selected academic subject. The opening event for 2019 was held at the ‘Peroto’ Literary Club, kindly provided to the organizers free of charge by the National Palace of Culture. In the presence of media representatives, Moto-Pfohe's manager, Atanas Furnadshiev, welcomed the guests and beneficiaries of the previous years of the program. Rumen Ivanov, Executive Director of DHL Express Bulgaria, the traditional official logistics partner, also made a statement.

For its first 5 years, from 2014 to 2018 incl., #steniskanabala won a huge response in the society and continues to enjoy growing interest. The cause is constantly gaining popularity and the full amount of donations has already reached BGN 422 432. A total of 7,877 people provided these charity funds by buying the T-shirt to wear it on their graduation ball, the posting or the anniversary of their graduation. 150 schools across the country have joined the initiative for the 5 full years so far, many of which have been participating traditionally in the campaign. Orphaners who received as their freshman students their stipends from the donation campaign numbered 191, and 69 of them with very good and excellent success during the second, third and fourth year of study received additional financial assistance as a promotion.

From today on the renewed site, any current, former or prospective graduate who likes the cause can donate funds - online or via bank - to the education of orphan school leavers in who will start their study at university in the autumn of 2019. Moto-Pfohe provides the donators with the symbol of the campaign - the T-shirt.

In the #steniskanabala's sixth season, the campaign does not rely on renowned faces for being ambassadors of the initiative. This time the organizers present something unique, inspired by the culture and the needs of the teenagers. T-shirt comes in three designs, but there is one common, memorable image. The focus of the campaign is the heart - an inherent symbol of empathy and support. A #steniskanabala 2019 mark, it is the center of the new T-shirt, and the designs are inspired and borrowed from the teens' entertainment and interests: technology, street culture, and boarding.

What happens when a boy balances his board on a cylinder with a heart-shaped print? Or when a dron is dripping paint so that it makes indiscriminate, abstract circles on a template of a heart? Even more, armed with a mask and safety glasses, can we bravely paint a funny and careless image of a heart? With these techniques, the images on the new #steniskanabala 2019 T-shirts are printed. Visitors will see videos on the site of the same name, illustrating the technology of printing - indo board, dron master and street art. Before they finally make their choice of the T-shirt that they like most, they will also see a model gallery in a real-life environment. There are also T-shirts combined with the elegant skirts and accessories of the Muse shop. Another surprise in this year's design is that the prints are colorful. The traditional black and white T-shirts from the first five years of the campaign have remained in history. The new colorful vision is in tune with the full life and the optimistic attitude of the teenagers.

The most impatient graduates in the current year have already declared their participation in the campaign. These are schools in Sofia, Bourgas, Rudozem, Plovdiv and Varshets.

In the qualification of the candidates and in the distribution of the scholarships from the program #steniskanabala also in 2019 the Bulgarian Red Cross will help. The regulation for applications is clear and can be found at

DHL is once again the official logistics partner of the program, delivering the symbol of the campaign, the T-shirts on a charity basis to the donators.

Video clips with the teen making technology in 2019 can be found on Moto-Pfohe's pages in YouTube, VBox7, Facebook.

Instagram is the new cast of the charity program: @s.teniskanabala.

For T-shirt requests and donation information:, or call +359 2 9842 387.