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Sheikhs and Sultans for the best Volvo golfer

On 16th of October starts the sixth edition of the biggest and most popular golf tournament for amateurs in Bulgaria – Volvo Masters Amateur. The winner of the competition this year will travel to Middle East. For the first time the international edition of Volvo Masters Amateur will be outside Europe. Bahrain will host the event. Already many sheiks and sultans promise a unique competition. Luxury 7 stars hotels wait the players in the Scheherazade’s land.

Moto-Pfohe is the official organizer of the Bulgarian competition Volvo Masters Amateur. This year in the main focus of the tournament is the all new Volvo S60. The players and the guests will be able to test the new innovative safety system Pedestrian detection. All Moto-Pfohe’s clients and friends are welcome to the competition. Expect many nice surprises.