Only for women. Summertime after the summer

There was once a song that we all used to sing together and liked it very much indeed. "Let it be summer!" Unfortunatelly, every year the summer comes to its end. And the summer holiday too. Still, there is a way to prolong it and use every single warm weekend or evening to spend out of home, together with the beloved people.

If you need a car on your side to held this summer spirit as long as possible, let it be Fiesta - the new attraction from Ford. Charming model, that helps you to stand out of the crowd and experience new places - in and outside the city. The exterior design of the car will attract you at first glance. Also in the car you will feel special, stylish and confident. The superior handling and the modern technologies, the connectivity and entertainment devices, as well as the safety features will easely convince you that it is your car. Give it a try, call any Moto-Pfohe dealership and request a test-drive. Catch the pulse of "now", as This is now - the new Ford Fiesta.