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Of cinema and cars

A true love story from the 30s of the 20th century and epilogue in 2010 is the new project of the famous Bulgarian film director Petar Popzlatev who started making the movie in the heat of the financial crisis. The script behind the film “I am you” is an unfinished book written by the master of novel Dimitar Dimov. Many popular actors and some promising debutants come on top of the expectations for success of this interesting project. All this assisted the decision to support Popzlatev’s movie and provide the production two old vehicles Ford A from Moto-Pfohe museum exhibition in Sofia. The vets partnered in the film process from August to October, travelling from Sofia to Dobrich, Varna and Euxinograd, gave arguments and unfolded the true spirit of the 30s. The movie is expected to make its premiere in October 2011.