Now the Volvo XC60 also gets Pedestrian Detection and the new infotainment system

Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake, which was introduced in the new Volvo S60 and V60, is now also available in the Volvo XC60. This is a support function that helps the driver detect potentially dangerous situations and can actively help avoid the nightmare scenario of colliding with a pedestrian.

Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake uses radar and camera technology to watch out for pedestrians in front of the car. The main purpose of the initial warning is to alert the driver so he or she can brake or steer out of the way. If the driver does not respond to the warning, the car automatically brakes with full force moments before the collision becomes unavoidable. With automatic braking, collisions can in certain circumstances be avoided at speeds of up to 35 km/h.

It is estimated that if all cars were fitted with Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake the number of pedestrians killed would be able to be reduced by more than 20 percent. The corresponding figure for serious injuries is almost 30 percent. In three cases out of ten, the collision may be able to be entirely avoided. The estimates are based on pedestrians being hit by the front of the car.

The collision warning system is also programmed to react if the vehicle in front is at a standstill or is moving in the same direction as one's own car. In certain situations, a collision may be avoided if the speed difference between the two vehicles is below 35 km/h. The technology is active in all speeds.

In the comfort stakes, the Volvo XC60 with automatic transmission is now available with the latest version of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which automatically helps maintain a pre-set gap to the vehicle in front. New is that this works also when driving in slow-moving traffic, all the way down to standstill. The car accelerates automatically when the traffic gets moving again.

A camera in the grille with a 180 degree field of vision is one new feature in the XC60's accessories range. This camera is a significant asset in road junctions with limited visibility and also when parking. The view from the camera is presented in a screen integrated into the centre console.