The new Volvo XC60 made its debut in Bulgaria at an exclusive reveal event combined with a summer garden party in Sofia. Moto-Pfohe’s partners, customers and journalists had the opportunity to see live the newest gem in Volvo’s SUV range. Four exquisite ballet dancers unveiled the dynamic silhouette of the new ХС60. At the background of the music of LaTiDa the guests experienced the car’s luxury and high technology and enjoyed its beautiful interior. And all this, specially designed and made to delight the senses during driving.


Moto-Pfohe’s Managing Directors Dimo Nikolov and Atanas Furnadzhiev welcomed the guests, while Volvo Brand Manager for Bulgaria Hristina Baeva presented details of the new ХС60’s quality of materials and specifications.

“The new ХС60 leaves the Swedish factory in Gothenburg at the 90th anniversary of Volvo and this is not a coincidence for a company which designs each model with a focus on human safety. The new ХС60 comes to assert itself as the safest Volvo model ever built and probably the safest car in the segment so far,” Dimo Nikolov told guests of the event.  

“This model will replace a true phenomenon in Volvo’s history. Nine years after its debut the current ХС60 is still the most popular product in the company’s portfolio,” Atanas Furnadzhiev added. The new ХС60 will certainly beat the record of its predecessor in terms of sales in Bulgaria as well, with 15 of the most eager customers having already signed preliminary purchase contracts.

The new Volvo XC60 becomes a camera in the hands of a world famous photographer

While specially invited guests to the event in Sofia were taking a look at the new ХС60, first-of-its-kind exhibition of pictures taken using on-board cameras of the new Volvo XC60was opened simultaneously in London. The project was implemented by Volvo Cars and the author of the photographs is Barbara Davidson – holder of a Pulitzer Prize for feature photography.

The project’s objective is to present in an untraditional way the busy city life and how modern safety systems in cars like the new Volvo XC60 make everyday life safer for pedestrians and all road users.