#steniskanabalais a charity campaign of Moto-Pfohe in support of university education of Bulgarian orphan school graduates. Together with the Bulgarian Red Cross we make sure that the funds raised from the campaign will help them develop in their chosen path.

Starting from today, 1st of March, on the upgraded website, every current, former or future school graduate may donate funds, online or via a bank transfer, in support of the education of orphan school graduates, while Moto-Pfohe will give them the symbol of the campaign – a T-shirt for the graduates to wear at their prom, the gathering before the prom or class reunion. Everyone is free to choose how much they will donate but the T-shirt is given for donation amounts exceeding BGN 20.        

School graduates of Year 2017 will chose among three variants of the T-shirts to wear at their prom or gathering before the prom. They are presented by three supporters of the cause #steniskanabala. Every one of them has influence among young people and is popular in society.

In the field of sport – this is the national rhythmic gymnastics team, girls, from whom we expect so much and truly believe that they will be gold medalists.

In the field of internet society and keen YouTube fans – this is vlogger Kris Zahariev who is popular among today’s students.

In the field of music – singer, composer and songwriter VenZy supports the cause for higher education of orphan school graduates. Young people know and value his songs, he speaks the language of their emotions.


As early as December 2016 future graduates are looking for the organisers of the #steniskanabala initiative and orders have already been made online via the website. Several schools in Plovdiv, Yambol and Sofia are looking forward to the launch of the campaign and the presentation of the T-shirt for 2017. The organisers expect that their number will multiply starting from today. This is a good sign that young people distinguish what’s important and valuable – it means the future of our society is in good hands.

In 2017, the Bulgarian Red Cross will help again in the selection of eligible candidates and the distribution of scholarships awarded under the #steniskanabala programme. The rules and regulations for this are clear and can be found on the site

DHL is again the official logistic partner of the programme – the company delivers the T-shirts – the campaign’s symbol – to the donors.

For the three full years of the #steniskanabala the programme won a total of 3 173 donors – graduates of

Years 2014, 2015 and 2016 from over 50 towns and villages but also future or already grown up school graduates along with corporate donors.  The donated funds under the programme total BGN 204,540. With these funds Moto-Pfohe helped a total of 101 orphan school graduates get a scholarship for their education in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The donation of funds for various causes is a part of Moto-Pfohe’s consistent corporate social responsibility policy. The donation programmes for preservation of Bulgaria’s natural and cultural heritage as well as in support of orphan school graduates are the policy’s trademark. Exactly 20 years ago, in 1997, Moto-Pfohe started the initiative to support orphan graduates’ prom by holding an annual charity fashion show, buying gowns and suits, accessories and cover charges for the festive evening.


In 2014, Moto-Pfohe changed the form of the cause to university education instead of “glamour for one night” to achieve a wider reach and a more significant end-result for the society. In 2013, a group of school graduates from Pirot gave an inspiring example of this programme, launching a charity campaign called “Five Minutes for You – A whole life for them” to raise funds for children in need. All graduates of a school in Pirot went to their prom wearing T-shirts instead of dresses and suits and donated the saved funds to disadvantaged children. Taking up the baton in 2014, Moto-Pfohe continues the initiative in Bulgaria for a fourth year in a row.