Moto-Pfohe’s Ford team celebrated in a special way Atanasov Day – 18th of January – the day on which, according to folk beliefs, winter is gradually coming to an end and spring is getting closer. Managing Directors Atanas Furnadzhiev and Dimo Nikolov welcomed media representatives in the company’s Mladost office on 27 Aleksandar Malinov Blvd and as an introduction underlined in brief the highlights for the company and the Bulgarian automotive market in the past 2016 and the new 2017, which has just begun.

The meeting itself was dedicated to the newest friend of the Moto-Pfohe family – the renowned and loved Uti Bachvarov – a hunter, a fisherman, a cook and a very nice company. He joined the owners of one of the best pickups currently, the new Ford Ranger, in order to carry out his “delicious” activity in the country in the future. Uti said he had chosen this model because he liked masculine cars and was sure that the new Ranger would cross all terrains and would not be afraid of getting even into the woods. Uti likes the fact that every farmer or hunter in the USA uses a pickup and this is the car that perfectly suits him. In connection with the „Delicious Bulgaria“ project the eloquent show anchor traverses the whole country and drives about 50 000 km a year, so he made a wish „Let this pickup be enduring“.

   On the occasion of the new Ford Ranger Uti Bachvarov personally served Moto-Pfohe’s guests in Mladost a delicious broth, cooked according to the traditions of Atanasov Day, and a glass of mulled wine and announced that in the future he would go hunting and travel anywhere in the country quickly, easily and comfortably with the new car!


MOTO-PFOHE, the automotive industry’s traditional leader, achieved many new victories in 2016: a 25-year anniversary, Ford’s Guinness World Record, a 15% year-on-year rise in new car sales: Ford (2 191), Volvo (234), Jaguar (60), Land Rover (418) against an officially reported 10% overall increase of new car sales in Bulgaria. The company’s ancillary services – insurance offered by insurance broker Pfohe Agency, Moto-Pfohe Leasing operations, which accounts for about 60% of total sales as well as spare parts sales and car repairs ­– also registered a significant growth.
In 2016 Moto-Pfohe’s charity cause #steniskanabala won three times more school graduate participants. Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine was named World Engine of the Year for a fifth year in a row. Volvo XC90 was ranked 4x4 Car of the Year in Bulgaria by Press Auto Club, while Jaguar XF won the Golden Steering Wheel award of Autobild magazine in the saloon car category and was named Saloon Car of the Year by BBC Top Gear magazine.

Moto-Pfohe is scheduled to launch several important models in 2017. FORD premiers include the new Kuga, with which the brand already has a complete new SUV range, as well as the new Fiesta, which will be launched at the close of 2017. VOLVO expects a new XC60, which is a long-time bestseller of the brand in Bulgaria and around the world. LAND ROVER will very soon launch the new Discovery 5 and exciting surprises concerning JAGUAR are also expected.
Willing to become the first choice for a coveted and trusted automotive partner in Bulgaria, Moto-Pfohe is working on the implementation of a large-scale investment strategy for 2017. The company has launched the construction and is scheduled to open two new dealerships in Sofia at the end of 2017 – premium Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover car centres, which will be located close to the crossing point of the Sofia Northern Bypass and the Ring Road at Botevgradsko shose. Upon completion of the new car centres, the Ford dealership in Lyulin, Sofia, will undergo a major revamp and the construction of a new dealership of the company will kick off in Plovdiv.

Regarding Moto-Pfohe’s corporate and social responsibility policy, the company will continue investing in good social causes. The fourth season of the #steniskanabala charity programme supporting university education of orphan school graduates in the country will be launched at the end of January, while the next edition of Moto-Pfohe’s Donation Programme for preservation of natural and cultural heritage, by which the company supports sustainable growth and biodiversity in the country, is to start in the summer.