Jaguar XF – the different car

Now with starting price of 86 800 lv with VAT included for 3.0 l V 6 DIESEL 211 hp

Luxury, style, finesse, sport – words which we come across more often in our developing world. What is hiding behind these words? In the car world behind these words is one of the most exciting products ever made – Jaguar XF. The model combines in unique way the elegant shapes of luxury sedan with dynamic sport chassis. It is not by chance that XF is reckon as turning point in Jaguar development and the car market as a whole.

Despite of the dramatic changes in exterior and interior XF remain faithful in Jaguar nature. XF is more than a stunningly beautiful Jaguar. Everyone who had the chance to sit behind the wheel knows that XF is completely new feeling. Combination of beautiful design, innovative technologies and one of a kind sensory system XF is not only source of unforgettable emotions and thrilling experience, XF is way of life.