Henry Ford’s 150th Anniversary Exhibition in the National Museum of History

This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary from the birth of Henry Ford – the man who made the American dream come true. Born in a family of a modest farmer, Ford founded and managed during his entire life one of the biggest automobile companies in the world – Ford Motor Company. A touring exhibition opened on 30 October 2013 in the lobby of the National Museum of History dedicated to the life and legacy of Henry Ford. The exhibition is organised by Moto Pfohe to mark Henry Ford’s 150th anniversary. Visitors saw the retro car Ford Model A of 1930 and the new Fiesta. Bulgarian contemporary writer Alek Popov read an essay of his dedicated to Ford especially for the opening of the exhibition. The exhibition presents the key periods in Henry Ford’s life and the models of legendary Ford cars through the years: Model T - the automobile of the 20th century, according to the ranking of Fortune magazine, Ford Mustang, Ford Escort etc. By an interactive multimedia presentation visitors can see the history of Ford Motor Company, personalities that drove its development as well as all Ford car models from the company’s incorporation up to the present times. The exhibition will stay in the National Museum of History until the end of the year and it is the fourth event by which Moto Pfohe celebrates Henry Ford’s 150th anniversary. The celebration activities from the start of 2013 include:

- A temporary Henry Ford exhibition in the Moto Pfohe Museum in the Sofia district of Lyulin;

- Expo and replay with historic costumes from the beginning of the 20th century within the traditional charity fashion show of the company;

- Social media campaign (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest), popularising 150 witty quotes from Henry Ford’s autobiography book “My Life and Work”.