Besides schools participating for the first time in the campaign, including First English Language School, American College of Sofia, the two English language schools in Plovdiv, secondary schools in Sliven, Targovishte, Kardzhali, Dzhebel, Svilengrad, Shabla, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Burgas, there were also many firm supporters whose graduates are already traditional advocates of the cause. These include Professional Agricultural School “Kliment Timiryazev” – Sandanski, Private Foreign Language Secondary School (PFLSS) “Chelopech”, Professional School “P. K. Yavorov” – Petrich, 91 German Language School “Prof. Konstantin Galabov” – Sofia, 73 Secondary School of General Education with German Teaching “Vladislav Gramatik”  in Sofia, Spanish Language Secondary School “Miguel de Cervantes” – Sofia.  


“In 2017 #steniskanabala enjoyed a tremendous success. This year the programme won the greatest popularity overall for the four years of its existence. For this success I want to thank the 2017 programme supporters – vlogger Kris Zahariev, singer and musician VenZy and the national rhythmic gymnastics team. Thank you for becoming our adherents, for standing up to so many challenges and winning a huge number of supporters of your Sports, Internet and Music teams. Thus, you raised more donations for the cause than any other time,” Philip Pfohe, owner and manager of Moto-Pfohe, addressed the 2017 programme ambassadors.


BGN 80,000 of the raised funds will cover 40 one-off scholarships for university education of orphan school graduates of Year 2017. The #steniskanabala programme beneficiaries are ranked according to the rules and regulations published on the official website.


For the first time this year #steniskanabala launches also a special initiative. The remaining funds of over BGN 20,000 will be spent on encouragement of students who are programme beneficiaries of previous years. Those of them with very good academic results will receive additional funding of BGN 700 each, while students with excellent average results of the course of study completed so far will receive BGN 1,000 each. Moto-Pfohe’s partner in the initiative – the Sofia unit of the Bulgarian Red Cross – will collect the transcripts of the marks of the students and will provide those special funds within several weeks.


The initiator of #steniskanabala, Moto-Pfohe, is very grateful to its partners! For a fourth consecutive year DHL is the official logistic partner who delivers the T-shirts to the donors free of charge. DDB Sofia is the creative partner who proposes an attractive way of presenting the campaign’s objectives to the society each year.   

Corporate sponsors supporting the 2017 campaign include Allianz Print, Allianz Bulgaria Holding, AT Engineering, Bulgartabak Holding, the Bulgarian Football Union, VIP Security, GP Group, ASP, Impres, Car Transporter, PIC Co., Scorpion Shipping, Transpress, Fresh Print, Huvepharma, CAD R&D Progress Group. Ivan Mirinski, Veselin Marinov and Moto-Pfohe’s senior managers Philip Pfohe, Dimo Nikolov and Atanas Furnadzhiev made personal donations.


The initiative is also supported by a number of media partners which are keen on spreading the good news: Nova TV, BNT, bTV, Kanal 3, 24 Chasa, Monitor and Telegraph newspapers,,, and sites, Club S1, Auto Motor und Sport and Autoclub magazines and outdoor agency JCDecaux.


About the #steniskanabala initiative

On a specially created site every current, former or future secondary school graduate can donate funds, online or via a bank transfer, in support of higher education of orphan secondary school graduates. As a sign of gratitude, Moto-Pfohe gives them the symbol of the campaign – a T-shirt for them to wear at their prom, the gathering before the prom or school reunion. Everyone is free to choose how much they will donate but the T-shirt is given for donation amounts exceeding BGN 20. Each year the T-shirt’s design is different. Every new season of the initiative starts in February when prom excitement starts and closes in October of the respective year when university admission results come out.


Donating funds for orphan secondary school graduates is a long-standing initiative of Moto-Pfohe. The annual charity fashion show, launched in 1996, supported orphan school graduates from the Bulgarian Red Cross quota and the raised funds were used to buy gowns and suits, accessories and cover charges for their prom. From 2014 on, Moto-Pfohe expanded its initiative and is now helping orphan school graduates from all over the country to continue their post-secondary education. The inspiration for the #steniskanabala campaign came from a group of school graduates from Pirot who launched a charity campaign in 2013, raising funds for children in need. All graduates of a school in Pirot went to their prom wearing T-shirts instead of dresses and suits and donated the saved funds to disadvantaged children. A year later, Moto-Pfohe took up the baton and continues the initiative in Bulgaria.