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On September 15th and 16th at Inter Expo Center Sofia, the Ford team in Bulgaria met the most modern in the automotive world with the optimism and enthusiasm of the young people. We painted their favorite stories and characters on a non-traditional object - the car, which is the most massive mobility object and also enjoys public admiration.

Visitors and guests enjoyed to see the Bulgarian Car of the year 2018 painted with heroes of the Gibley studio , incl. Totoro, Kenshin, Hatsune Miku and, of course, the Pokémons Ash, Mue, and Pikachu.

Since November 2017, Moto-Pfohe has been part of the global Sumitomo Corporation and by participating in Aniventure Comic Con 2018, Ford's official importer in Bulgaria has also supported the 29th Days of Japanese Culture in Bulgaria, organized by the Embassy of Japan.

The Aniventure Comic Con festival is already extremely popular with the young generation and the numerous fans of the new wave in contemporary alternative arts - street art, comic books, video and computer games, cosplay, the art in social media, vlogging, youtubing etc. Aniventure is an event with a 13-year history that started as a small gathering of fans from all over the country and grew into a large and diverse festival. It has also included interests of fans that are not directly related to Japan such as comics, movies, board games, LARP and computer games. Since last year, the event has also been Comic Con - similar to other events in Europe and around the world.

The graffiti artist with the live art session, organized by Ford Bulgaria on September 15th, is Esteo from Burgas, who began painting in 2001. He has been on stage for 17 years now and has left many colorful walls behind him. He has been drawing mainly at festivals - in Greece, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Spain. For him, graffiti are both a hobby and a job. His meeting with the new Ford Fiesta was extremely exciting and, in his words, the car inspired him to continue with further series of paintings on Ford models and other varied storylines.

NAKAMA Club is an organization dealing with the promotion of modern and traditional Japanese culture in Bulgaria. With the help of adherents, other organizations and the Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria, he has been conducting various events and giving the opportunity to young people involved in cosmography - reminiscent of favorite cartoon characters and animations, drawing, dancing, music, etc.


Video from the event: https://bit.ly/2QLMIqD