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Consumer research by Moto-Pfohe - November 2011

In November 2011 Moto-Pfohe has ordered its own consumer research among 1000 people in the country aged 18-60 years, with income twice over the averaged in Bulgaria, 51% male, 49% female. The analysis of the results will support better brand positioning and communication in future.

The summary of the results:

  • 95% of the respondents own a car;
  • 9% out of them own 2 cars;
  • Ford is among the most popular automotive brands in Bulgaria (3rd ranking);
  • A significant share of all vehicles owned by the Bulgarians are from premium brands (Audi – 5th ranking, Mercedes – 7th ranking, Volvo – 15th ranking);
  • 15% of the respondents own a 4x4 vehicle;
  • 36% intend to buy a car in the following 1-2 years;
  • 40% of them will probably buy a new car (aged 3 години);
  • Ford qualities perceprion: suitable for Bulgaria, road stability, reliability;
  • Volvo is stable, safe, reliable, prestigious;
  • Jaguar is expensive, fast, powerful and beatiful;
  • Land Rover is expensive, powerful and reliable;
  • Everybody knows about Moto-Pfohe.

The whole research can be downloaded HERE.