Bob: Volvo lives in the heart of everyone who loves life

The cascade man is impressed from Bulgaria. He believes in the new Volvo S60

and shares that one guardian angel in extra is never surplus

Hello Bob! Please present yourself to our readers.

Hi! My name is Bob and I am born in the crash center of Volvo Car Corporation in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am a cascade man and I am proud of my profession. I love Volvo and I am ready to give my life for that brand. Moto-Pfohe invited me to Bulgaria. I took part in Volvo S60 road show in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv.

What is your impression from Bulgaria ?

Beautiful country . People are nice and polite and the women are gorgeous . Every third woman can be on the cover of the most famous fashion magazine. I am really impressed !

What is your opinion for the Bulgarian drivers ?

For the first time I have contact with Bulgarian drivers on Drakon racing track near Plovdiv. At that place Moto-Pfohe presented me to the most famous Bulgarian automobile journalists. They welcomed me nicely. Two of the women even wanted to become well acquainted with me. By the way Katia and Ina sweat me well. I was closed to depart from that world. And there was a guy named Stancho who didn’t stop touching me all the time. But in the evening we became friends on the dancing floor. He tried to be my competition for the heart of woman but of course he lost. He had now chance . Look at me . I am gorgeous. I am tall, well built, heavy, strong, young and capable of great things. But let’s stop talking for me.

Back on your question. Bulgarian drivers are really good. I can not still rate the drivers from Sofia. I know that there are no rules for them, no lines, and no traffic lights. The Sofia driver has advantage on every crossing.

You work for Volvo long enough. What did you learn for that time?

I learned that the most important thing in the world is the human life. On second place comes the responsibility to the environment. After that is everything else. Volvo lives in the hearth of everyone who enjoys the family happiness, in everyone who believes that the green is not a color but philosophy. Volvo lives in the heart of everyone who embraces the life. Volvo is a fairy-tale and I am happy that I am part of it.

With the new S60 Volvo presents another safety innovation – Pedestrian detection system . Is Volvo going to continue to take care for human life in the future?

I will quote Gustaf Larson and Asar Gabrielsson, Volvo’s creators, who left promise to the world 83 years ago: “Cars are driven by people. That’s why the main focus of our strategy is and will be the safety”. That’s why be sure that Volvo will continue working to avoid injuries and fatal incidents.

Pedestrian detection system is one of a kind. There is no car which keeps the pedestrian. Yes there are beautiful cars, luxury or with off-road abilities but there is no car which keeps the pedestrian. Well now there is a car – the all new Volvo S60 which will save a lot of lives. One guardian angel in extra is never surplus.

What can we expect from Volvo in the future ?

You can expect a lot of surprises. Soon Volvo will present new models which will turn over in positive way your ideas for safety, beautiful design, luxury and elegancy. Be sure that Volvo will amaze nicely all Volvo fans . But I won’t share any more secrets.

When are you going back to Sweden ?

To be honest with you I think to stay here a little bit longer. Moto-Pfohe proves everyday that is a hospitable dealer of Volvo in Bulgaria. I met high professionalism, responsible attitude and politeness. It is a pleasure to me to work with you. That’s why I think to stay here a little bit longer. I am going back home for Christmas. But I hope that Moto-Pfohe will invite me again in Bulgaria next year

And your last words for final?

I want to tell all Bulgarian people to trust in the goodness which is all around them.

Interview by Volen Chinkov