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Beauty, security and safety with the new Volvo XC60 road show

The new Volvo XC60 road show started from the last weekend of December. Hundreds of people came to see the safest and the most beautiful Volvo ever made. They were impatient to test City Safety system that helps drivers to avoid low speed collisions.

It is an interesting fact that during the road show Sweden elves added inspiration to Volvo XC60 fairy-tale. The beautiful models from “Visage” fashion studio brought the Scandinavian spirit in our country. At the same time they gave a lot of gifts to all lucky people who had the chance to test Volvo XC60.

The Bulgarian show man Niki Kanchev was also enthusiastic from the new Volvo crossover. He said that for sure XC60 will be his next choice when he decides to change his current car – Volvo S80.