All-new showrooms of Ford, Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover in Varna

The all-new, progressive Moto-Pfohe facility opened today its’ doors for the customers in the Bulgarian sea capital and the region. Modern, functional and luxurious, this is an exclusive center for mobility, with completely separate showrooms for FORD, VOLVO and JAGUAR LAND ROVER, built to the latest manufacturers’ standards. Tomohiro Yoneyama, Unit General Manager, Automotive & Construction Systems Business unit, Sumitomo Corporation Europe, Csaba Lakatos, Area Manager, Volvo Europe Middle East and Africa region, the Managing Directors of Moto-Pfohe Group, Atanas Furnadshiev, Dimo ​​Nikolov and Masuhiro Oyama and Atanas Stoilov, the mayor of the Aksakovo municipality, on whose administrative territory the auto center is located, participated in the official press conference.

During this year, Moto-Pfohe launched a large-scale investment project in its network of commercial and trade complexes in the country, which will end in 2021. The first fully renovated business complex of this program, which is fully complying with the high-tech standards of JAGUAR, LAND ROVER, VOLVO and FORD, is that in Varna. The new company representative center in the sea capital of Bulgaria embodies the spirit and philosophy of the four car brands in the Moto-Pfohe portfolio.

"The huge investment policy of the Moto-Pfohe, which is already part of the global SUMITOMO CORPORATION family worldwide, is expected to have over the next two years completely new auto centers, in line with the most current standards of the exclusive brands we represent. The first fully renovated commercial and trade facility, with separate showrooms for Ford, Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover, opens its doors today in Varna," started the official part of the media event Dimo ​​Nikolov, Managing Director of Moto-Pfohe.

JAGUAR LAND ROVER ARCH concept is intended to put British brand owners at the center of attention and put them at the heart of the company – with functionality, convenience and luxury for which they choose their car. Exclusivity is embodied in the smallest detail of every Jaguar Land Rover ARCH complex in the world, now also in the specialized showroom in Varna.

The VOLVO showroom presents the excellent products of the Swedish manufacturer in a remarkable and fashionable way. The architectural design as well as the choice of materials and surfaces contributes to the creation of an advanced space that embraces the Scandinavian inspired philosophy of VRE (Volvo Retail Experience). The minimalist and simple style inspires connoisseurs with the cozy atmosphere of a warm Scandinavian house.

"Volvo Cars would like to thank Moto-Pfohe for the excellent professional services the company is providing to our Bulgarian customers. Here we build together the vision and future of Volvo, which is in three directions: Safety – by 2020 there will be nobody dead or seriously hurt in an accident with a new Volvo car; Electrification – we will only offer plug-hybrids or fully electric models by 2025. Leisure and free time – again, by 2025, innovative technologies and connectivity in the new Volvo models will ensure that our customers have up to a week more spare time for their family, friends or the favorite hobby," said Csaba Lakatos, Volvo Regional Manager for Central, Eastern Europe and Africa.

The modern, distinctive design and innovative technology used in Ford, which is one of the most dynamically developing car brands worldwide, has also impacted the aesthetics in its new showroom in Varna, that is now in line with the recently introduced FORD STORE standard.

Almost all elements in the new Moto-Pfohe facility in Varna have been purchased by suppliers, who have been globally endorsed by the manufacturers, from advertising signboards and totems, via floor surfaces, furniture and even the video screens. The enormous amount of money invested are proving the company's belief that this brand identity would contribute to even greater customers loyalty to Ford, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover in the city and region.

"Sumitomo Corporation believes in the further growth of the automotive sector in Bulgaria and therefore continues to invest in the Moto-Pfohe sales network. Our approach to customers can be described with the Japanese word "omotenashi", which means that we treat them with respect and without expecting any gratitude or reward in return," said Tomohiro Yoneyama, Unit General Manager, Automotive & Construction Systems Business unit, Sumitomo Corporation Europe.

"Moto-Pfohe is the first major investor on our territory and is the face of the municipality of Aksakovo, because it is right on our border with the municipality of Varna. If you are traveling from Varna, you first pass Moto-Pfohe and then you enter Aksakovo", said Atanas Stoilov, mayor of Aksakovo.

Atanas Furnadshiev announced a good news for the customers – by the end of November, on the occasion of the opening of the facility in Varna, Moto-Pfohe offers exclusive sales and service preferences, varying for the four brands in the portfolio. Full information is available from the sales consultants in the fully renovated company center close to the Varna Airport.

In 2019, the company's investment program continues with a new home for Volvo in Sofia and independent centers of Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover in Plovdiv. The mainstream brand in the company's portfolio, Ford, will also transform its performance to customers. Moto-Pfohe unfolds its comprehensive investment policy, being already part of the global SUMITOMO CORPORATION, one of the largest Japanese trade companies, with 100 years of history, 900 own companies and more than 75 employees all over the world, including those in Bulgaria. Sumitomo develops its activities and has interests in very different areas – from natural resources, energy and transportation, through cars, media, pharmaceuticals and the retail sale of goods to end customers.