A hot online section for available JAGUAR and LAND ROVER cars on stock

As of this week, a hot online special section for Jaguar and Land Rover cars on stock is already available in Bulgaria. At and the users of the two luxury brands will be able to view all the available vehicles on stock, to choose the perfect for them that fully meets their requirements, as well as to check the offers, prices and specifications of the most desirable models of the British brands range.

The specially designed sections provide customers with a comprehensive sheet of information on all the cars on hotlist that are available at company's dealerships throughout the country. On the website page, anyone can get detailed information on color, power, fuel and engine, as well as filter and select the characteristics they want to find their perfect model. The car list also has special hyperlinks to refer users to comprehensive information for each model on the websites.

The platform makes it easy and convenient for anyone to contact Jaguar Land Rover dealerships across the country and receive an online exclusive offer that meets all the specific requirements of the users of the two British brands. Thus Jaguar Land Rover gets even closer to its customers, realizing the importance of digital technology nowadays, as well as providing the convenience of online car selection at home.

In this regard, and because of the importance of the private car nowadays, Jaguar Land Rover and Moto-Pfohe provide special leasing terms and exclusive offers for selected cars on stock, valid until May 13th this year. The bold and confident Land Rover models as well as the elegant and dynamic Jaguar models can be found on the dedicated section developed on the websites of the two luxury brands.

On the websites the consumers also have the opportunity to be the first to know about all the news around the UK range of cars, take advantage of special offers, as well as receive answers about interesting questions around Jaguar and Land Rover. With the special option of sending messages in real time, each client can ask everything that interests him and contact our specialists from each department.