2010 - a year of success for Land Rover % Jaguar

The UK's leading manufacturer of premium luxury vehicles is today celebrating a strong global sales performance for 2010 with retail sales up 19 per cent collectively thanks to strong market performances from the UK, United States and China. Jaguar Land Rover sales were up for every quarter versus 2009 thanks to new model introductions and freshening programmes.

Land Rover delivered a very strong performance in the majority of its 102 markets with retail sales up 25 per cent globally. The brand's top five markets were the UK, United States, China, Italy and Russia which accounted for 66 per cent of sales alone. Notable product performances were delivered by Discovery 4/LR4 up 45 per cent, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport up 30 per cent and Freelander 2 up 21 per cent.

Commenting on Land Rover's Sales Performance Global Brand Director John Edwards said: "2010 remained a challenging year for the automotive sector and yet, against this backdrop Land Rover delivered a powerful global performance throughout the year with March the highlight when we achieved our best ever sales month in history. Our updated model line up and the debut of the Range Rover Evoque has created a real buzz around the brand and customers are clearly delighted with our offerings."

Jaguar's sales for the year were equal to that of 2009, with the launch of the XJ sedan and the cessation of the X-TYPE dramatically bringing the brand's sales mix more upmarket. The brand's top five markets were the UK, United States, Germany, China and Italy which combined equated to 74 per cent of sales for the year. The XF continued to do well with sales globally up 8 per cent and the new XJ has been well received internationally, particularly in the U.S. which accounts for almost 40 per cent of sales.

Commenting on Jaguar's Sales Performance, the Global Brand Director Adrian Hallmark said: "This year saw the completion of a revitalised Jaguar line up with the critically acclaimed new XJ. Jaguar now has a very strong stable of products which are clearly capturing the public's imagination. The environment remains tough but I am cautiously optimistic for the coming year."

2010 has proved a fruitful year for the brands who collectively received over 80 awards from leading international motoring writers, magazines and opinion formers. Amongst those worthy of particular note include Automobile Magazine's '2011 Design of the Year' and Top Gear's 'Luxury Car of the Year' for the XJ and 'Car of the Decade' for the Range Rover as voted the by readers of Auto Car.

In Bulgaria Land Rover is also doing good as the retail sales are 33% up. The new Jaguat XJ is also on the top. The good results of the two brands is due to the Premium package service, offered by Moto-Pfohe, in addition of Door to door and Europe Assistance