18 orphan graduates with university scholarships from #steniskanabala in the first edition of the program

#steniskanabala is a donation initiative that inspired hundreds of young and adult graduates to go to their prom, farewell party or reunion wearing T-shirts. Instead of spending money on expensive clothes, everyone who wished to do so could donate a sum at their own discretion for the education of children without parents.

The Moto-Pfohe campaign, in partnership with the Sofia Red Cross organisation, aims for Bulgarian orphan graduates to continue their education at a higher education institution (University) or Vocational Training Centre (VTC).

Funds collected in 2014 amounted to BGN 48,776 which, by regulation, may be used for 12 grants to 48 universities and VTCs this year. Due to the larger number of orphans wishing to study at a University and the possibility to flexibly transfer funds between the two groups, Moto-Pfohe decided to support all 18 prospective students at the University. The different schedule for applying and conducting courses in VTC predetermined the extension of the term for applying to the courses until October 31. Funds unused in this year will be carried over to next year, since #steniskanabala is an annual initiative with long-term goals.

In the forthcoming second edition of the program, donations shall be accepted, as they were until now, at the website . There, anyone willing may transfer funds online or by bank transfer for the education of graduates without parents, and Moto-Pfohe shall present to them the symbol of the campaign - a T-shirt, with the total number of T-shirts given away in 2014 being 553. In 2015, the website shall be completed with some new features for easier and more intuitive operation, the ways of donating shall be increased, and the design of the T-shirts shall undergo a change for the Class of 2015.

Regulations for applying for grants under the program by graduates without parents are posted on the website

Many people and companies embraced the idea and joined the initiative. Students from the K. Galabov 91st German Language School and the A.S.Popov Proffessional School of Audio, Video and Telecommunications in Sofia as well as the Proffessional School of Mechanical Engineering in the town of Rousse all wore T-shirts at their fairwell party or prom. On their graduation ball, the Class of 2014 from the New Bulgarian University and the University of Economics Varna, Informatics speciality, celebrated in the symbolic campaign T-shirts. And - perhaps the most interesting event in the campaign so far - #steniskanabala attended a wedding. Pictures and video gallery is posted on the Facebook page of Moto-Pfohe:е . Besides the warm public reception and major response, #steniskanabala was also honored with two awards at the annual Festival of the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies - FARA: third place for Digital Interactive Campaign and third place in the Communication Campaign, Social, Political, Media Advertising category.