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11 reasons то changе your current car now!

Moto-Pfohe will gladly provide a cost estimation of your current vehicle, no matter of its make and model. It’s your decision, whether to buy a car from us – brand new or second hand one. No tricky negotiations, no third parties, no hidden conditions.

1. You return your current car and drive a new one at no additional cost.

2. We offer you a great, fair price when you trade-in your current car.

3. If you are in the middle of a lease, you will save the transition cost at contract end.

4. You take advantage of the right moment when prices are low. They normally tend to rise.

5. As Moto-Pfohe customer, you receive additional preferences – insurance, service, tires etc.

6. Your new car has 5 years warranty – 60 months of secure driving without any risks.

7. Your new car has higher residual value for following repurchase.

8. You safe additional costs for servicing and maintenance.

9. Your new car completely meets your needs. It’s innovative, high-tech and more comfortable one.

10. New cars are more fuel efficient – you take care for the environment and your family budget.

11. We create a leasing plan with flexible conditions that suits you best.