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100 years Ford in Bulgaria Roadshow

The past, the present and the future of the Ford vehicles - in the Road show 100 years after FORD's 1st official appearance in the country.

A cavalcade of 5 vehicles - 2 oldtimers from 1916 (Model T) and 1928 (Model A), the brand new Fiesta and Mondeo and the new generation Ford Focus (to be launched in Bulgaria end 2011) will travell around the country from June 16th till June 23rd.

With a parade in each of the 12 biggest city and an exhibition for two hours in the very center will be marked the anniversary event.

When and where?

June16 – Sofia and Pazardshik

June 17 – Plovdiv and Stara Zagora

June 18 – Haskovo

June 19 – Burgas

June 20 – Dobrich and Russe

June 21 – Shumen and Russe

June 22 – Veliko Tarnovo and Pleven

Join the celebration!