Replacement vehicle

Replacement vechicle


Replacement car in case of damage for customers of MOTO-PFOHE and Allianz Bulgaria

Effective since 1st November 2007
Validity: indefinite

Beneficiaries of the service:

Customers who own luxury cars of all brands sold by Moto-Pfohe which have been damaged in a traffic accident . The insurance sum of the vehicle exceeds EUR 20,000 or its equivalent in BGN. (Volvo, LR, Jaguar, Mondeo, S-MAX, Focus C-MAX)

Subject of the service:

Use of a replacement car for up to 10 days, free of charge.

Terms of Service:

1. The car was purchased or leased from Moto-Pfohe EOOD or from Moto-Pfohe Rent a Car and Mobile Services EOOD;
2. Full car insurance in Allianz Bulgaria;
3. Involvement in a traffic accident, registered with a Traffic Police report;
4. Premiums paid at the time of the registered traffic accident;
5. Absence of financial liability to companies in the Moto-Pfohe group;
6. Damage(s) worth more than EUR 1,500, repairable for a time exceeding 8 service hours in a Moto-Pfohe EOOD Authorized Service Center

Additional details:

  • The service is free of charge for the first 10 days;
  • The replacement car for use corresponds to the insurance premium;
  • The cars are provided by Moto-Pfohe Rent-a-Car and Mobile Services EOOD after submitting the "Certificate of Right of Use of Replacement Vehicle", issued by Allianz Bulgaria Insurance Company;
  • Confirmation – within 24 hours;

Receiving the car:

  • free of charge – at the offices of Moto-Pfohe Rent-a-Car and Mobile Services EOOD in the cities of Sofia, Varna and Burgas;
  • after payment for the car delivery according to the tariffs of Moto-Pfohe Rent-a-Car and Mobile Services EOOD – in the offices of Moto-Pfohe in all other cities of the country.

For information:
Tel. (02) 9842 242/404 – Moto-Pfohe Rent-a-Car