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FORD summer 2020

Important inspections before our summer trip

Ford wishes its customers a relaxing summer. We recommend that you take care of a peaceful family trip before you set off. Until August 31, each of the authorized Moto-Pfohe service stations in the country will make a free inspection of the overall condition of your Ford car, which has passed the age of 36 months and is no longer under factory warranty. Free of charge, you can also count on a summer inspection, consisting of checking the air conditioning system and updating the software of the engine control module.

In case you need to replace some important components and consumables for the safety of the car, such as brake pads, clutch kits, shock absorber kits, wiper blades and tires, you will receive a 20% discount on the cost of labor and parts. Please note that the discount applies to customers in the service network, not the stores, and cannot be combined with other current discounts and promotions for the same parts.

On the other hand, until August 31 you can take advantage of a 12% discount for original accessories and their installation. Choose what you like from the page https://www.ford-accessories.bg. The indicated discounts are valid even after the campaign period, 31.08.2020, if the parts and accessories were not available, but were ordered during the specified period of validity.

We advise you to make an appointment in advance for the free inspections. For more information, you can contact the nearest Ford Authorized Service Center: https://www.motopfohe.bg/bg/dealer-network.