Extended warranty coverage for the year 6 and 7

What is covered by the guarantee and how to claim

Extended warranty coverage for the year 6 and 7 of the vehicles age

Coating level - AMAE (All mechanical and electrical components)

Covered Components: ALL MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS of the vehicle according to its factory specification, except those listed below.


The extended warranty for the 6th and 7th year of the age of the car is a continuation of the previous Extended warranty. All limitations of the previous Extended Warranty on Covered Components remain valid for the 6th and 7th year warranty.

Bodywork, paint, exterior, water penetration, all kinds of windows, mirrors, interior elements, entertainment and communication systems, navigation systems, electric lighting, all kinds of lamps, batteries, exhaust system, remote control, wheels and tires. Components subject to normal wear / periodic change including but not limited to: spark plugs, cables, glow plugs, brake discs and linings, wiper blades, cores, piping, hoses, wiring harnesses, belts, carbonated, burned, drilled and stuck valves, clutch. All adjustments and cleaning of components such as fuel lines, filters, carburettors and pumps.

The following components are also covered


Crankshaft Front Shaft Seal, Camshaft Seal, Rear Shaft Seal, Shaft Seal, Differential Pinion Shaft Seal, and Other Oil Seals and Seals to be Replaced by Disassembly or Disassembly of Engine, Transmission or Differential some other covered component are covered.


If damage to any of the insured components results in damage to the engine housing, gearbox or differential, the latter will also be covered.


Supplies such as oils, filters and antifreeze are covered if replacement is required as a direct result of mechanical damage to a covered component.

Making a warranty claim

If you find a symptom of a malfunction, have your vehicle serviced by an authorized Moto-Pfoe dealer and tell the receiver that you have a warranty. Describe the symptom in as much detail as possible. You will need to submit your cover certificate. All repairs carried out under this warranty must be carried out by an authorized MOTO-PFOE service center.

You may need to pay for any repairs until the details of your coverage are specified, after which your repair amount will be refunded if your claim is reasonable. In some cases, repair can only begin after prior approval.

This warranty covers a defect in a component that causes its functionality to suddenly stop for a reason other than normal wear or negligence. Components that fail as a result of normal wear and tear or kilometers traveled, as well as poor road conditions, are not covered by this warranty. Defects caused by overheating are also not subject to warranty.

Travel abroad

The certificate is valid for up to 60 (sixty) days a year (for each policy) for travel in continental Europe. When performing repairs abroad, require a copy of the repair order and an invoice proving the work performed (labor and materials costs) and identifying the vehicle by its identification number, the time of the repair (date and mileage). Your dealer will not pay more than your local equivalent for labor and spare parts.

Important: Your costs will not be reimbursed unless the repair is covered by the extended warranty.

Transfer of the Extended Warranty

Extended warranty coverage remains with the car as an added benefit for the new owner in the event of a sale. To do this, you must submit all the extended warranty documentation to the new owner and he must immediately notify his dealer of the change of ownership and pay a minimum fee of EUR 30 (thirty) or their equivalent at the BNB exchange rate for the transfer of the guarantee.

Conditions of validity

There is no limit to the number and value of repairs that can be made to the vehicle during the warranty period.

Important: Your extended warranty will only be valid if your vehicle has been maintained (serviced) in the authorized MOTO-PFOE network and provided that all manufacturer's service requirements are met.

The maximum tolerances are 1 (one) month or 1500 (one thousand five hundred) km. from the date and kilometers indicated in the service plan.

The service booklet must be completed and stamped at each service.

Failure to do so will void the guarantee!

It is a good idea to keep all service invoices. This is proof that your car has been serviced by a service authorized by the MOTO-PFOHE.

This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from:

  • Negligence.
  • Corrosion.
  • Foreign parts placed in or on the vehicle.
  • Overheating damage caused by a covered or uncovered part.
  • Freezing.
  • Vandalism.
  • Damage to parts not covered by this Warranty or subsequent damage or damage to parts caused by it but not covered by the policy.
  • Water infiltration or flooding.
  • Incorrectly mounted parts.
  • Fire or road accidents, whether insured by motor insurance or similar policies.
  • Damage to other people or physical damage.

This warranty does not apply to vehicles used for:

  • Cars used for training
  • Taxis
  • Sports and tests
  • Cars with hardware and software modifications not authorized by the Manufacturer.