Bosch Car Service

Affiliate program in the cities of Russe, Burgas and Varna


In an effort to stay as close as possible to your needs and requirements, dear customers, in the cities of Russe, Burgas and Varna we also offer a licensed service of Bosch Car Service - one of the largest professional auto service chains in the world, represented in more than 150 countries.

A proven expert in car service, Bosch Car Service provides exceptional quality service. Using Bosch's unique experience as a leading global automotive supplier, with the help of Bosch Car Service in the cities of Rousse, Burgas and Varna, we can now provide competent advice and provide service and repair for virtually all car brands - in accordance with the specification of the respective manufacturer and retaining the full warranty of the car.

Our service is aimed at supporting all our current and future customers and partners who own mixed fleets, or a car of a brand different from the officially represented Moto-Pfoe brands in the country. Our services have the necessary equipment to work with the latest automotive technologies of all auto manufacturers and have more than the right level of competence to keep them in perfect condition!

Last but not least, Moto-Pfoe has sought to provide an extremely competitive price when pricing its service, developed in partnership with Bosch Car Service. By keeping an honest approach to your customers and repairing their cars, you can count on us to have quality work and complete transparency of costs!