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Moto-Pfohe originates of the German company Hugo Pfohe.
Hugo Pfohe GmbH has a history of 90 years, a long standing experience and rich traditions in car sales and servicing. At present it is among the four leading Ford dealers in Germany. The portfolio of Hugo Pfohe GmbH covers, besides Ford, also Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Kia and Fiat.
Hugo Pfohe GmbH has over 500 employees and outlets in seven German cities: Hamburg, Bad Segeberg, Norderstedt, Schwerin, Luebeck, Kiel and Oldenburg.
The owner, Karl-Heinz Pfohe, has managed the company on his own as of 1970 till 1995 г. Thanks to his experience and deep understanding of dealing with automotive products and services he succeeded to secure leading positions of the enterprise on the German car market. Karl-Heinz Pfohe is one of the founders and for many years the Chairman of the European Ford Dealer Association (EFDA). At present he is its President of Honor.
Since 1995 the son of Karl-Heinz Pfohe, Philip Pfohe, joined in the management of Hugo Pfohe GmbH. From then on they both run the family enterprise and approbate it as one of the most successful in the automotive branch across Europe.
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