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What is the maximum lease period?

The maximum lease period for a financial lease is 7 years for new cars and 4 years for second-hand cars. For an operating lease the maximum period is 5 years.

What is the minimum advance payment?

The minimum advance payment varies between 10% and 20% for new cars and amounts to 30% for second-hand cars. It depends on the vehicle model, leasing period and selected insurer.

Is the lease you offer owned by you?

Yes, we offer our own funding, which enables us to be as flexible as possible.

Do I have to pay an application fee and what is the response time period?

No, you do not owe any fee when applying. The standard response time is 48 hours after submitting the necessary documents.

Is a Leasing Guarantor Required?

A leasing guarantor may be required in very rare cases, for example in the case of a newly established company or inadequate income declared by a natural person.

May I pay my obligations earlier?

Yes, at any time during the lease period, you may pay all or part of your obligations. With partial repayment and your stated willingness, we will recalculate the repayment schedule by reducing the principal with the advance amount paid.

May I drive the car abroad?

Yes, you may, we will issue in your name a notarised power of attorney. For this purpose, you need to contact your retailer.

May I transfer the leasing rights and obligations to a third party or company?

Yes, you may, after obtaining an approval and drawing up of an agreement, irrespective of whether the leasing period has expired or not. For drawing up of the agreement, you owe a fee of BGN 360 inclusive of VAT.

Is a purchase of the vehicle offered during the leasing period or after its expiry?

Yes, it is, at any given time we may evaluate your car and replace it with a new one.

May I defer the residual value or extend the leasing period to reduce the monthly instalments if I encounter a difficulty in repaying them?

Yes, you may, with our consent and by drafting an additional agreement.

Where is the car servicing carried out?

Until ownership is transferred, the maintenance and repair of the vehicle is carried out by the service centres authorised by the respective manufacturer. Any exception to this rule is allowed only subject to the express written consent of the LESSOR.

What are the mandatory insurance types for the leased cars and who concludes those?

Until expiry of the lease, the insurance is concluded through the insurance broker "PFOHE AGENCY" and is paid to the Insurer. Our purpose is to provide the maximum insurance coverage, which necessarily includes a "FULL AUTOCASCO", including "Theft" and "Robbery", "Civil Liability" and "Insurance of Seats". The Full Car Insurance (Autocasco) may be rescheduled in up to 4 instalments within one year.

What happens if I fail to pay the insurance premium?

The timely payment of insurance premiums is the responsibility of the LESSEE; however, in the event of delay, we are entitled to pay them for you and issue an invoice to you for the costs. The relevant insurance premium automatically becomes due to the Lessor, for which a Notification of Payable Payments will be issued to you. 

How should I proceed in the event of damage?

In the event of damage, you should proceed depending on the specific event (whether it is in the parking lot, on the road, whether it is a theft or total damage, etc.). In any case, it is important to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Immediately notify the event to the Insurance Company providing the Casco insurance for your car;
  • If the company has Mobile Groups, you should call them. Phone numbers for damage reporting are specified in the Casco policy.
  • In the event of damage, it is always a good idea to call 112 for damage registration and to ask for an incoming ref. number

How will I receive invoices for monthly instalments and information on the incidental costs incurred under the contract (vehicle tax, re-invoiced insurance, etc.)?

All issued invoices will be made available to you online. In addition to accessing the documents themselves, you are provided with the opportunity to track how payments are being utilised and what outstanding debts are owed. The Lease Agreement regulates the order in which claims are settled. You will receive a password and a username from your retailer or by phone: 02/984 22 394; 02/984 22 353.

Why, when I enter all the criteria required for entering in the "E-Invoice Section", I receive a message saying that I have not received any invoices, and yet I have received a notification about it?

No filters are entered after entering the e-Invoice Section (e.g., Issue Period, Contract No., etc.). You should only tick  one of the two companies with which a contract is signed- Moto-Pfohe EOOD or Moto-Pfohe Leasing.

I have a new identity card, a new manager of the company or a new correspondence address. Should I notify the company about this change and what steps should I take?

Yes, you must notify us in writing in a way that is convenient to you – via fax: 02/984 22 33, email: Liulin@motopfohe.bgPost office: Sofia 1360; Head office 444 Slivnitsa Blvd.